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Guideline for authors

Please write your manuscript with a well known and common text processing program. Don’t use manual hyphenation. Submit the manuscript as a file via mail and as a printout and name the used text processing program (Word, WordPerfect, LaTex etc.) and the operating system (Windows, Macintosh etc.).

  1. To ensure a professional layout, the outline and the system of quotation of every manuscript have to be coherent.
  2. Please avoid a “decadic” structuring of the headlines of the manuscript. Use instead the following pattern: I., 1., a)
  3. Footnote digits in combination with punctuation marks and quotation marks within the manuscript should be set in a coherent way. Footnote digits referring to a whole sentence should be used postpositionell.
  4. Please pay attention to non-breaking space, for instance with: 33 ff, e. g., § 6, etc. Non-breaking space can be generated with “Ctrl + Shift + Space”.
  5. Use italic script if you want to highlight sections of your manuscript. Names within in the main text should be not highlighted.
  6. Please use the following system of quotation in the foot notes: Louis Strohmaier, Erinnerungen eines deutschen Arztes, Hannover 1975, or, Strohmaier, Louis, Erinnerungen eines deutschen Arztes, Hannover 1975. If you refer to the quoted work in another footnote use the following pattern: Strohmaier, Erinnerungen (note 8). The names of the quoted authors (not of editors!) in the footnotes should be set in italic script.
  7. Quotations within the text should be set in parenthesis with name of the author, year of publishing and folio: (Strohmaier, 1975, 77). For folio only use numbers and not abbreviations like “S.” or “p.”.
  8. Page references within the text regarding your own manuscript should be avoided.
  9. Charts, graphs etc. should be copy-ready, should have a sufficient inscription and should be submitted with the manuscript on separate sheets. Please print them out using a laser writer. Don’t use photocopies. Picture files (saved in the JPG or TIF-format) can be submitted via mail or CD-ROM, but enclose always an identical paper print. Please mark the position in the manuscript where the chart, graph, picture etc. shall be placed.
  10. If you put a bibliography at the end of your manuscript please quote as follows: Surname, name, year of publishing in parenthesis: title;

    Add then
    a) for book publications: publishing place
    Keynes, J.M. (1936): The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, Cambridge.

    b) for journal articles: title of the journal, volume, number of the first and last page
    Coase, R. (1972): Durability and Monopolity, in: Journal of Law and Economics 15, 143-149.

    c) for editions or essay collections: name of the editors, title of the edition or collection, volume, publishing place
    Radner, R. (1982): Equilibrium under Uncertainty, in: K. J. Arrow/M. D. Intriligator (eds.), Handbook of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 11, Amsterdam-New York-Oxford.

    If you quote from an essay collection or from a journal please use a colon after the “in” both in the footnotes and in the bibliography.
  11. A short summary (about 10 lines) will be put at the end of the article (for English articles in German and vice versa). Please submit this summary with your manuscript.
  12. The address of the author(s) (office address and e-mail contact, if possible) is needed for the print version.